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Submitted on
October 27, 2010



Hello again friends!  Did you enjoy your time away? :)  I certainly hope so!  My judges and I have finally finished judging, because even though there were only a few rounds to judge, it was still pretty difficult!

You can find the results below.  Congratulations to everyone who made it through, and to everyone who unfortunately didn't, you did a GREAT job anyway, I want you to know that.

Stay tuned for news about Round Four, which should be coming up soon, provided I figure out exactly what I want to do with it.  Either way, it won't be long!
Ta ta for now,


A few reminders:
Read through the blog carefully so that you don’t miss anything!  I realize a lot of it is taken from previous blogs, but you wouldn’t believe how many people said they didn’t know when the last round ended!  That shouldn’t happen, and I don’t want it to happen, so make sure you readreadread!  And if something is NOT clear to you, let me know, please!  I’m here as a tool—use me!

Actual Prompts will be posted probably in (my) evening on Monday, and the actual round won’t start until Tuesday.  You will have FIVE WEEKS to finish!  So don’t laze around!  Take time for school, but don’t put it off!

If you feel you should still be in the tournament, but your character’s name ISN’T included in the list below, message me!  I may have missed your entry, missed the end of your entry, or anything else.  Do so promptly, however, as this offer will be closed after the first week of the round.

*… Chat Room Added!*
*iScribble Chat Added!  Message :iconmerokosart: for more details if you are part of the tournament and would like to join!*

Round 3 time my little chickadees.  Aren’t you EXCITED?

:iconstarplz: Because 3 ships have un-even numbers of remaining participants, here’s what I’ll be doing.  2 Contestants will be paired up from different ships in one of the prompts, and the one leftover person gets a free pass (as long as they turn in a COMPLETED entry).  I’ll be sending messages to these three participants, so don’t worry, you’ll know who you are.

9/12/10: Blog for Round 3 is posted.
9/13/10: Prompts for Round 3 will be posted.
9/14/10: Round 3 officially starts.


Each round will be given *5* weeks to finish.

The round officially starts September 14th, and will go until midnight on October 19th, Eastern Standard Time. (Basically it has to be in before I wake up and look on the 20th.)

Communications with the Group Leader are still down, so for people who are wondering, simply continue to submit your entries into the 2010 Tournament folder.  I'm going to start moving Round 1 and 2 entries from that folder into the Auditions folder (hopefully), just to give some semblance of order.  If there is a problem submitting and you want to be sure, send me a link to your entry in a note. You'll be good then fo sho. :)


Rules of the Round
*I know a lot of people struggled last time, and that will only intensify as you try to juggle life, work/school, and art.  KEEP THIS IN MIND.  Five weeks may seem like a long time, but it’s easy to keep shoving your entry aside until you realize you have only a few days left.  THIS IS AN ELIMINATION ROUND.  When you have a chance, work!  I want to see some good stuff here. *

:iconstarplz: THIS IS AN ELIMINATION ROUND.  Your entry can be as long or as short as you want, finished or unfinished, but keep in mind that you’re working against someone now.  If you want to stay, you’ll impress the judges!  And THIS judge is impressed by a completed storyline, interesting characters, and obvious thought that’s gone into your piece. ^^

:iconstarplz: It is REQUIRED that all entrants include their Original Series mentor in each entry at least once.  They don't have to play an integral part of the storyline, but we have to see them somewhere.

The Secondary Command Officers don't need to be included-- they are completely optional. Including your teammates is ALSO OPTIONAL.  It isn't required to interact with them at all-- it would just be nice. :)

:iconstarplz: Your entry must be in ART/COMIC FORM.  No written entries will be accepted!  Consider this when planning ahead!  I'm sure you've got the idea by now, but you never know.

:iconstarplz: Follow the prompt.  It will not be written in stone, but there will be certain goals to accomplish/things you have to put in the story, so make sure you've got all your details straight before you start drawing!  (As always, note me if you are confused in ANY WAY.  This will be the fastest way to ensure I get to your question in a timely manner.  I stalk DA ALL. THE. TIME.)

:iconstarplz: Your entry must be at least 1 page long.  (Duh.)  Longer is probably better, but hey, if you think you can get everything down in one, I won't complain.  There's no need for a 20-page full-CG entry, though-- this isn't a graphic novel, just a tournament.

:iconstarplz: All other rules apply-- be nice, courteous, and helpful.  No whining, complaining, or flaming other competitors.  Or anyone for that matter.  It's not nice!


Prize donations are STILL BEING ACCEPTED! 8D  It's never too late to give a little something to the winner-- or even the runner's up!  If you're interested in adding to the prize pot, note me with the details of what you're willing to give. :)
Thank you in advance. =D

:iconstarplz: HEY YOU GAIS.  As if there wasn't enough for you to do, I was bored and thought of an idea.

Star Trek: The Original Tournament Banner Contest! 8D
It's just a stupid little contest I came up with to fill in any boredom anybody might have.  (Y'know, in between rounds, art trades, fanart, real life, etc.)
Basically you design a banner for ST:TOT, send me a link or post a link on my page, and I'll choose my favorite to post in the blog for the Tournament Finale. :)
It can be plain text with fancy stuff done to it, it can include characters... basically anything goes.

This is open until the end of... I dunno, hit me up whenever. xD. :)  So if you've got nothing better to do, have at it!
(Oh, right, and I'll also take a free comission from the winner for some sort of *relatively* simple piece.  As if interwebz fame wasn't enough.)

:iconr0-s3: ST:TOT Banner by R0-S3
:iconentwineddarkness: ST Original Tournament Banner by entwineddarkness


The General Setting of the Tournament:

Your character, through intelligence, compassion, wit, species, or pure dumb luck, has been chosen for a special mission.
They've been contacted by their superiors at Starfleet Academy and told that they are part of a program that is designed to push certain, special Cadets to the limit, and to put them on a fast-track through their careers.

They are VERY LUCKY.

They are given a packet with their ships assignment, and before they know it they are being shuttled out into space, the envious glances of their fellow students receding in the distance, and their new ship comes into view.

Through some twist of luck, they have suddenly found themselves promoted to the rank of 'Ensign', and serving aboard a ship with one of the members of the U.S.S. Enterprise, a ship all of them have heard about as the Flagship of the Federation.

One of them may even Captain a ship of their very own.

What they make of themselves from this point on is their own choice.

:iconstarplz: The Prompts :iconstarplz:


Team 1: Lor’n vs. Sibek -- Sibek :iconr0-s3:
Team 2: Hwin vs. T’Nala -- T'Nala :iconminervagem:
Team 3: Owat vs. Farmyne -- Owat :iconkenshin-chan64:
Team 4: Kiram vs. Michael -- Kiram :iconblackhatpirate:
Team 5: Salen vs. Sinka – T’Vean vs. Ta-En -- Sinka :iconsinisterlysweet: and T'Vean :iconmerokosart:
Team 6: Tantomus vs. Andrew -- Tantomus :iconcounselorcat:
Team 7: Salem vs. T’Av -- Tischna :iconjiori-seth:
Random: K’Rinn vs. Ma’Ris -- K'Rinn :icontrakker:

So the winners of the round are: Sibek, T'Nala, Owat, Kiram, Sinka, T'Vean, Tantomus, Tischna, and K'Rinn.
Go congratulate them! ;)
If you would like to know how you did, would like a critique, etc, or like to know why the votes went one way or another, please feel free to note me!  It was difficult in almost every case, really.


The mission moves into it’s fourth month, and your character is really becoming a natural.  The program has really given them an edge that they never would have gotten at the academy, and recently they’ve received a promotion due to the latest events—your character is now a Lieutenant Commander.
A lot of good friends have been lost along the way, but you’re still going strong.
Can you rise to the challenge?

:iconstarplz: (Very Important Note: Although your character has an ‘opponent’ for this round, the goal is NOT for them to beat up their fellow crewmembers!  Each set of characters will be given a specific task or goal, and the artist who portrays this most intriguingly will be named the winner of the round.  With this in mind, if you want to up the drama, you CAN kill off your opponent.  Just know that isn’t really the point in this tournament.  But if it adds to your story, go for it.  I like a little intensity.  Make sure not to kill/permanently cripple your OWN character, though!):iconstarplz:

The Prompts:

Gender Bend – I decided not to make this a requirement, but there’s been an interesting thing going around about changing the gender of your character, and I’d like to see if anyone can incorporate this into their entry.   Like I said it isn’t a must, but you’ll earn extra ‘brownie points’, if you will.  It does NOT, in any way, guarantee your win, and conversely NOT doing it does not doom you to lose.  It’s simply an idea to consider, if maybe you’re looking for something interesting to happen.
(Including this could be as simple as your character daydreaming that they are the opposite gender, or as complicated as having your entire storyline revolve around it.  Have fun with it, but don’t stress about it. ^^)

Team One: The U.S.S. Vernon receives a distress call from a ship whose warp has crashed, and they answer to find one being alive.  However, the being is telepathic, and slowly begins to cause havoc on the ship.  How do they regain control?

Team Two: Captain Uhura is called to a xenolinguistics conference, so the U.S.S. Carroll flys her to the space station where it is being held.  However, it turns out to be a setup, and everyone is trapped in a lockdown at the station. Who is it, and how does the crew escape?

Team Three: An away team from the U.S.S. Milton explores a metallic planet, whose inhabitants are being controlled by the planet itself, which was at one time a large transport craft.  The ship is slowly succumbing to its magnetic orbit, so the planet must be shut down… somehow.  But it doesn’t seem to like the idea.

Team Four: Several crewmembers are sent in a shuttle to deliver planetary relief to a plague-stricken planet to which transporting is not an option.  When the engine fails, they crash-land on the planet, becoming infected themselves.  What do they do?

Team Five: A hostile group of beings attacks the U.S.S. Velis with unknown technology, capturing Captain Spock and several others.  While most of the crew stay to repair the ship, several decide to take the risk of infiltrating the alien’s homeworld to retrieve their Captain and comrades, and maybe even discover their secrets. Does your character go or stay? Were they taken? What do they do while there?  What part do they play?

Team Six: While going through a piece of space that gives off odd waves, the U.S.S. Charlemagne suddenly takes on a life of its own.  It’s important to get out of the area, and to take back the ship, but it’s proving to be difficult…

Team Seven: Several members of the Santa Maria suddenly begin to disappear and reappear, slipping between their present dimension and an alternate one.  At first it’s only for small periods, but then it begins to last longer, and more people are affected—even parts of the ship!  What sort of crazy alternate-dimension (not MirrorVerse) does your character go to?  What’s causing the problem, and how do they fix it?

Random Group: After picking K’Rinn up from an engineering project, Ma’Ris and the Caitian find themselves shot down on an *apparently* abandoned planet.  With no discernible help coming anytime soon, what do they do, and how do they survive?  Who shot at them, why, and is the planet REALLY uninhabited?  

Talshra: Your entry should deal with the events experienced by Team Seven (see above), and be completed (beginning, middle, end) to go on to the next round.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!  Still, I hope it isn't too difficult to figure out.  Use your imagination, and feel free to stretch the scenarios if you have an idea. Although you're free to show your teammates, don't forget that the star of the show should be your own character, doing whatever they must to help the situation.  Your entry doesn't have to match up with anyone else's at all-- each and every one of you has your own canon. :)  

Now have at it my little dumplings!



:iconstarplz: Teams, Crew, Ships and Mentors :iconstarplz:

Team One
Mentor: Leonard McCoy
Secondary Officers: T'Ren… and Maurik…

Lor'n Lykos… R1… R2…
K'Rinn… R1… R2
Sibek… R1… R2…
Ship: U.S.S. Vernon, Yeager Type

Team Two
Mentor: Nyota Uhura
Secondary Officer: Richard Kent…

Hwin… R1… R2
T'Nala… R1… R2
Ship: U.S.S. Carroll, Miranda Class

Team Three
Mentor: Montgomery Scott
Secondary Officers: Sanju Johanne… and Arthur Cattell…

Owat… R1… R2
Farmyne Khariz… R1… R2
Ship: U.S.S. Milton, Yeager Type

Team Four
Mentor: Pavel Chekov
Secondary Officers: Grayson Masters… and Inohara Sulu…

Kiram… R1… R2
Michael Blessing… R1… R2
Ship: U.S.S. Marlin, Miranda Class

Team Five
Mentor: Spock
Secondary Officer: T'Preea…

Salen… R1… R2
Ta-En… R1… R2
Lynn Sinka… R1… R2
T'Vean… R1… R2
Ship: U.S.S. Velis, Miranda Class

Team Six
Mentor: James T. Kirk
Secondary Officers: Lizabeth Forrester… and Pierce St. Michael…

Ma'Ris… R1… R2
Tantomus… R1… R2
Andrew Kingsley… R1… R2
Ship: U.S.S. Charlemagne, Miranda Class

Team Seven
Mentor: Hikaru Sulu
Secondary Officers: Emmett DeVos… and Telek…

Tichna Salem… R1… R2
Talshra Kev… R1… R2
T'Av supermurgitroid-flyy.deviantar… R1 supermurgitroid-flyy.deviantar… R2
Ship: U.S.S. Santa Maria, Miranda Class

Information about the Miranda Class can be found here:… or…
Info on the Yeager Type can be found here:…

If you need more information for any reason about the Secondary Command Officers than the links above provide, drop me a note or comment!  I'll be happy to answer you. :D

I'd recommend Memory Alpha for anyone who wanted to know more about Star Trek technicalities, the Original Series characters, or almost anything really.  It's really very complete.  :)

(The Main Blog for the tournament is… there.  If you'd like to read the updates, check out judges, or read the rules, they can be found there. ^^  This blog is Round Three-specific.)

Live Long and Prosper,
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ginger-blueberry Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
Oh darn, I didn't make the next round D:

OH WELL. I had lots of fun, I'll be following along to see who will win! Good luck everyone!

R0-S3 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
hurrr WHAT
I won?
All joking aside, I seriously didn't expect that. And I think I'm freaking out a little bit.
BUT YOU KNOW WHAT SERIOUSLY MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE. Even if I have to drop out next round or something, I will be happy because I will have won at least one round. *dances*

Midnight-Aristocrat Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
xD; Well, thanks for the thought anyway. :) And I'm glad I could complete your life with your victory. xD Doesn't that just make me feel special? ;P
Shadow-Kyuubi Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
*sigh* I knew Sibek was going to beat me... the usual fate of a red shirt awaits Lor'n unless she still gets cameos somewhere...
Midnight-Aristocrat Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! I don't want you to fret-- your entry was awesome as well, and I think you've made strides since the beginning. :) Lor'n is too interesting to meet a generic red-shirt fate, take faith in that. ;D
Shadow-Kyuubi Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Ok. That makes me feel a little better. :3
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
Sorry about dropping out...I suck
Midnight-Aristocrat Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Naww, that's okay. You weren't the only one who had outside pressures, trust me. Judging was much easier than it might have been because so many people dropped out! It was nice having you, and Salen, as long as we did. ^^ He's an awesome character, for sure.
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
I tried...but my comic skillz were going so far down hill...
Midnight-Aristocrat Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Hey. For such a proclaimed writer who said comics weren't your thing from the beginning, I think you did fine. ^^
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